This is more of an English language question, but UX designers will readily understand. When i have a checkbox with items, then say for a help description text, do you rather use the verb "select items" or "check items"?

I have also the case where the user has made another choice elsewhere and i need to pre-select items (in a checkbox) as a result of that other choice. And there is a user action to trigger that selection.

Would you rather say "Select items based on [other choice]" or "Check items based on [other choice]"?

"Select" seems more natural to me and "check" sounds like "verify" which is not the intent. But then it is called "checkbox" for a reason? As you could have guessed, I'm not a native English speaker. Can someone clarify and confirm?

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    You should use a different word for your “checkbox”, it is very confusing as it is already commonly used for a single item: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkbox – jazZRo Apr 19 '18 at 14:38

Select will do just fine. Most users will understand what this means. Even though we (UX/dev type people) all know it's called a checkbox, the users may not.

To avoid confusion I'd recommend sticking with the most well know phrase that covers this behavior as you have mentioned - Select

Another alternative you may want to consider is choose

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