I recently had a discussion at work about whether to include a "Remember Me" option on our website. Altough I was initially in favour of the idea, I later realised that most browsers already provide such functionality. So I was wondering if it's still necessary to include this option in 2018. What do you think?

  • It depends on user privacy in the site. Better not to ask in payment sites. I have checked remember me in Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn so that I don't have to login Everytime. – Jivan Apr 16 '18 at 16:18

Browsers can remember your details, yes. However the Remember Me option caters for the opposite situation - users on shared machines. A website will be configured to intentionally not remember the users details, unless they choose the 'Remember Me' option.

That way, people checking their Facebook in a public library won't have to clear their browser cache when their session finishes (because most people won't do that).

So, is it necessary to include a 'Remember Me' option? That depends on your application. Is it only ever going to be used on private users machines (such as a work application) or is it something likely to be used on shared, public machines (library, home computer etc).

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