At a start of a project, what is the best way to map out all the functionalities of a product? For example, an app?

I've considered a Gantt chart, but I need something more "agile".

What are the best practices? Any advice from professionals? Do you use pen and paper, post-its, or software?

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Experiment with a few different methodologies and see what works for you. I'm a whiteboard kind of guy. I always start there making a list of all available functionality, and then try to work out some information architecture by grouping functionality, and labeling what is most important. I think most people from there jump into a number of low fidelity designs. I'm highly visual, so I'll usually start off with a digital medium fidelity design, but that's just me. Try out some different methods and see what works for you and your project!


Try out User Story Mapping. This book greatly teaches how to use this tool: https://www.amazon.com/User-Story-Mapping-Discover-Product/dp/1491904909 brings a lot of clarity high->low level on what your building and how it brings progress to your users

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