I'm product designer working remotely with a team of iOS & android app developers on a redesign project of their mobile app. The final designs are done on Adobe XD. The redesigned app looks great however the finer details require some more work and needs to be perfected. I have tried visual feedback tool like trackduck for mobile websites. How do I give my comments visually on the finer details of design to the app development team.

Kindly recommend any tools or process.

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First you need to consult with developers and find out what works for them.

They'll might just say whatever works for you, or they might have some specific requests, but there's not point in researching a solution on your own only to find that it doesn't suit the workflow.

The simplest method is to request flattened exports of screens and use any tool that allows for annotation/markup e.g. Windows Paint, Mac Preview, Snagit, Photoshop.

Managing all the different versions of the files, however, can introduce inefficiencies, which is a problem that design collaboration tools like ConceptShare try to solve. Conceptshare allows for the uploading of static images which can commented on by several collaborated and the software allows for the easy version management of the assets.

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The most common practice is that designers pop Sketch into Invision where a team can add collaborative notations as well as view how the animations and transitions work. Take a look at that program, as well as Figma which is becoming a favorite pick for handoff, too. Both are collaborative tools that work for teams.

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  • For this, I would love to pick Zeplin; the designer may export things from Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, etc. on Zeplin directly. And, the developers then may just write comments/feedbacks and all there, easily. – onosecond Jan 24 at 8:31

The question comes down to design collaboration between designer and developers. What you need is a proper tool that could coordinate and streamline the workflow from designers to developers and vice versa.

While there are lots of tools out there, I would like to just share one tool with you. enter image description here It's Mockplus Cloud. This tool is useful and powerful. It helps you connect your entire product design workflow and make design collaboration easier. This tool also lets you export designs from Sketch, Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop, handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets. enter image description here You can get notified about comments and feedback, keep your design up to date, as well as collect and organize style guides automatically to build your team’s design repository. As for collaboration, designers and developers are able to leave comments. So, they will better understand each other's needs and request. All these are done in the same place, making your entire workflow streamlined. As a result, better collaboration is achieved. And efficiency is improved.

That's the tool I would like to recommend. Hopefully, this helps.

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