On this said page there are 4 filters, here is the current design of the drop-down filter. However if you were to select say 20 of the 40 would you be looking for a "Clear Filter" button? The cancel button just closes the dropdown and does not change the current selection or should that also clear selected filters?

I could add one in however what would the best order be? "Apply" "Clear Filter" "Cancel"?



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This looks like a drop down select box, so having Cancel is a bit weird in this context anyway. I would expect to cancel by clicking the drop down arrow a second time, or clicking outside the menu.
In that case, you could use the space currently used as a cancel button as a clear selection button instead.

I would also swap the position of the Apply and Clear buttons, and make the clear a text button (text on a white background) instead of a full button, as it should not have equal presence as the Apply button.


Ideally your first option in a drop-down filter should be a Select All Option, on toggle on which you will select and unselect all filter values.

  • I see your point however, everything is selected by default it's only when you click on one does it then filter the whole page by what you've selected. Jan 19, 2018 at 13:52

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