I’m designing a comment system for a magazine site. What is the best solution for showing comment section for newspaper / magazine?

My current structure of the article is like this:

  • Header
  • Content
  • Share post
  • Author
  • Comments
  • Related

Current options are:

Show comments after the post in full


  • no additional action to show comments section is needed
  • user won’t skip comments


  • takes a lot of space: you must show related before the comments
  • comments loading time adds to the page load

Partly hide comments under the button

This solution shows 1 or 2 (generally up to 5) comments, and then shows button


  • Takes considerable amount of space
  • Not as easy skippable as a single button
  • Allows to load other comments asynchronously later


  • You most likely need to use some voting system in place, otherwise visible comments may not be that interesting
  • Requires additional action to view other comments

Completely hide comments under the button

Show only button “Show n comments”, then load comments after the click.


  • Takes less space of all
  • Allows to load other comments asynchronously later


  • Easy skippable - may be no noticed at all
  • Doesn’t invite user to participate

Are there any other pros and cons to these approaches? Second seems the best for me for now, but maybe I’m missing something?

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I would suggest to make like Facebook do with their Comments social plugin : shows 1 or 2 (generally up to 5) comments, and then shows button.

I think Disqus makes the same too.

enter image description here


Put a "Jump to comments" button in a good place. "The Guardian" has a nice (not perfect) solution to this, which is similar to your second option.

The Guardian article header

Featured comments (by humans not algorithms)

The Guardian comments solution

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