Throughout our system we have different input-field types that have icons tied to them.


  • Time field with a time icon - when clicking the icon it will fill in the current time.
  • Date Field with a calendar icon - clicking the calendar will bring up a calendar where the user can select a date.

Is there any best practices for how icons should display on read-only input-fields?

  • Should the icons be hidden? OR
  • Should they just have a disabled style?

Example with the icons with disabled style:


Favor disabling over hiding the icons.

A standard disabled <select> input still looks like a <select> input when disabled. This allows the user to expect a certain type of interaction from this element. The entry methods for common elements vary, and the styling helps the user predict which one is expected of them. The following (non-exhaustive) lists help to illustrate the differences in user expectations.

Primary input method: Click/tap

  • Select lists (usually)
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Button

Primary input method: Keyboard entry

  • Input fields

Seeing an element that looks like an input field, then watching it quickly transform into a <select> element when it becomes enabled would cause a user to have to briefly reprocess the elements to figure out how to interact with it.

So, following the pattern of the <select> item, I'd allow your custom inputs to show their distinct icons so that a user can have a shot at preprocessing them before they become enabled.

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