According to Material Design guidelines, there are two main places for Settings in an Android application:

  1. Navigation Drawer (if present)
  2. Upper right corner of the toolbar

Now my problem is that I have a bottom navigation view without any upper toolbar. Since this seems to be a big hole in Material design guidelines, I'm asking in this case what should be the correct place for Settings?


I have found a good way to access navigation drawer and bottom navigation both, addressing both at same time

 val toolbar: Toolbar = findViewById(R.id.toolbar)

    val drawerLayout: DrawerLayout = findViewById(R.id.drawer_layout)
    val navView: NavigationView = findViewById(R.id.nav_view)
    val navBottomView : BottomNavigationView = findViewById(R.id.bottom_navigation_view)
    val navController = findNavController(R.id.nav_host_fragment)
    // Passing each menu ID as a set of Ids because each
    // menu should be considered as top level destinations.
    appBarConfiguration = AppBarConfiguration(setOf(
            R.id.nav_home, R.id.nav_gallery, R.id.nav_slideshow,R.id.nav_dashboard,R.id.nav_notifications), drawerLayout)
    setupActionBarWithNavController(navController, appBarConfiguration)

override fun onSupportNavigateUp(): Boolean {
    val navController = findNavController(R.id.nav_host_fragment)
    return navController.navigateUp(appBarConfiguration) || super.onSupportNavigateUp()

for more info may visit http://www.androidcoding.in/2020/05/21/android-bottom-navigation-navigation-drawer/?preview=true


You need to inscribe the 'settings' in the ellipsis more button in the Bottom Navigation bar. Directly giving the settings button on the bottom navigation bar also would work, if you have much space in the same. more button

  • 1
    So if I've instead of "More" button, a "Profile" button, it could be considered correct to create inside them a link or a button to settings? FYI the settings are mostly about personal behaviour of push notification and about general info of the app (terms and conditions, version number etc)
    – Thecave3
    Jan 15 '18 at 12:04
  • Inside settings, if it was only personal items to be shown, then of course you could have included it inside the settings. But here, as you have general app info, i would not advise including it inside the profile -> settings. Rather More -> 1. Profile 2. Settings would be apt.
    – Kishan
    Jan 15 '18 at 12:48

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