I'm designing the setup UI for a contact form. By default, the contact form will always have 4 fundamental fields: first name, last name, e-mail and message.

As a new feature, we are enabling an "Advanced" contact form, that can hold some other input fields, like a date picker, time picker and a select for the number of peoples.

Users will be able to activate the Advanced contact form toggling a select and checking new input fields to enable.

I was wondering if it was better:

  • [Minimal] to display only the customisable part of the setup form, once the Advanced form is enabled
  • [Complete] to always show the 4 basic fields (that cannot be modified), and then display the additional fields that can be customised

Demo of the Minimal and Complete version

If it was about me, I'd probably always show the advanced form mode of the Complete example, without a distinction between a Standard and an Advanced mode; however, due to marketing reasons, this distinction has to be done.

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Depending on the rest of you UI. Here is one way of doing it.

Reveal advanced form options on click.

Contact form setup UI

Not sure why you have used drop-downs, but they are unnecessary, unless dictated by the application logic.

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