I have a website that constantly gets bigger and bigger as a user uses it. It is not yet complete, although I believe it is time for a better UI. So, how do I make it so the user feels more welcome. Currently it's a blue and orange, with round buttons and text boxes, but I was thinking of making changing it to make the textboxes and buttons rectangular with thick, neon-light-blue borders and a black background, somewhat similar to the Zorin OS linux distrobution. Is it smart to use a darker theme with a dynamic page, or should I keep it the same?

  • This is a pretty interesting website. Perhaps the focus shouldn't be on the UI but the UX...
    – Michael Lai
    Dec 7 '17 at 9:09

A dark theme will make your page stand out, whether in a good way or not is down to the specific implementation, but most pages default to a light theme.

The current blue-orange palette is very high contrast and might be jarring for users, especially given the subject matter. Compared to other language based sites (eg, Dictionary.com), which generally consist of a light theme focusing on a single accent color, your site stands out.

Using a dark theme may not be a bad idea overall if it suits the aesthetic you want for the site, but moving away from two colors would help calm the site down at least.

  • I didn't even consider how it competes vs. normal dictionary sites, thanks!
    – Alex Jone
    Dec 7 '17 at 2:34

The current version was bit difficult for me as a user to follow. Maybe if you created cards (like decks of material design) that are placed next to each other, it would be easier to follow through. Also, keeping a light theme is definitely the preferred choice. It will be less stressful to the eyes and is found to have higher engagement than a dark theme such as the one you currently have.

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