I am not a professional UX designer, but it's up to me to come up with something for this use case

  1. I have 3 facets of search i.e. brands, demographics and locations
  2. each facet has a hierarchy list of categories and names belonging to those categories
  3. Users should be able to select at any level of the hierarchy and any combination of facets and initiate a search

e.g: 1. brand:(BMW OR Audi) AND demographics:(Male, Young OR Adult) AND location:(New York OR Boston OR Seattle) 2. brand:(Luxury Automobiles) AND location:(United States)

So this is what I came up with, could anyone offer some feedback on this? and if there is a better UX? Is anyone aware of a similar UX real-world implementation for me to check out before heading down this route?


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I this is a pretty good article that can help you: 8 Design Patterns for Autocomplete Suggestions. Also, you can check the functionality that Amazon has, it is a good example to follow. enter image description here

  • Any other data in the suggestion – such as category - should be styled differently from the suggested search terms;
  • Limit the number of results and avoid scroll;
  • Highlight the differences.

For an advanced search, you should use a proper filtering and avoid making autosuggest too complex.

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