In my company we´ve created a site about rent and sell properties. Inside of it users can make different tasks, one of them is buy products. Like a really simple e-commerce.

Now we´re creating a dashboard where users are going to manage those products which have been purchased in the first site. Users could perform tasks like: see the product details, date of purchase, price and other info.

Which will be the best way to show those product features?

I’ve seen these examples and I think they could work: enter image description here

enter image description here What do you think?


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Well the first option only works if you only can buy one product, so you don't have to differentiate between products, right now it looks really confusing since I don't even know what I bought.

The second one works better, since I know what I purchased, when I purchased and how much I paid for it.

I really like Amazon's way of showing you purchase details, they display a lot of information but since they clustered that information well I'm basically just looking at what I want to look at, it's not overwhelming while basically telling me everything possible about an order.

enter image description here

Of course at the end it depends on how much information your customers want to see or need to see.


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