is their any alternative to tab? I'am currently handling a design that requires too many options per tab in a page. so lets say for example:

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It's hard to say without knowing what exactly the options are and who you're designing for.

There are definitely alternatives, though: e.g. pages instead of tabs, like in the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows system settings.

You might also be able to save space by:

  • using progressive disclosure (showing some options only once they're relevant)
  • hiding niche options in a dialog ("Advanced settings...", "Customize...", "Tweak privacy settings...", etc.)
  • clustering options that only make sense together (e.g. "Night mode" instead of "Dim screen at night" + "Dim navigation bar at night")
  • getting rid of options that don't make sense
  • using extensions instead of options in some cases, etc.

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