I'm trying to build a database with all the elements of a website to catalogue and organize the best practices, from a UX point of view, for each of them. Is there any online resources to start from?

For an e-commerce website, for example, there's a Product Page composed by: title, main picture, gallery, description, detailed informations, price, quantity, add to cart button...

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Not in the way you mention because, I think.

Because a 'main picture' isn't very descriptive. It would likely be classified as a header and a picture, for example. And price and quantity aren't website elements, they're probably just text(boxes). And an add-to-cart-button is just a button.

If you're talking about elements you should separate the element and the function. Because an image can be many things; header, background, advertisement, illustration or screenshot to explain something, etcetera. Similar to how a plank can be either a table, a bench or even a wall.

But you can take a look at sites like:

and get a some idea of the basic elements. You'll note that some organizations do actually differentiate subcategories like menu-button and share-button, but those categorizations are far from universal.

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