In our web-app's ui there's a few actions you can undo.

For example, you can delete messages or comments. To do that you click delete next to it. Then, there's a message that informs that action was completed and undo.

What is the best way to word the message before "Undo"? Is there any reason to word it in a specific way?

Message deleted. Undo

Message was deleted. Undo

The message is deleted. Undo

Message has been deleted. Undo

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Seeing more of the UI would be helpful. But to take an example that seems to work rather well in what I interpret to be a similar context - that the message appears in a different place from where the button was clicked - let's take two examples: Microsoft Mail and Google Inbox.

Microsoft Mail

Google Inbox

Neither bother with an elaborate phrasing.

If you wish to reinforce the fact that a message has been deleted, as opposed to something else that they might delete in the same UI context, just go with the most concise Message deleted. Undo: it's faster for the brain to parse.

N.B., Definitely not "The message is deleted"; while grammatical, it is not idiomatic in this context and looks like a bad translation.

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