I'm making a website and the site will have a fully fleshed out mobile version. I'm just wondering if, from a user experience point of view I should verify that the desktop mode works as well?

Some users might opt to use the site's desktop version instead of the layout specifically made for mobile. Do I need to see the extra effort of tweaking the desktop version to accomodate those users who choose to use the desktop version on a tiny screen, or does it automatically become a given that it might not work as expected with the desktop layout?

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If you can, just do it, it won't harm.

If resources are scarce (yet you still can do it, even though reluctantly for costs and resources reasons), I'd suggest to test if users are really using the desktop version on mobile.

If they don't, or the percentage is negligible, maybe it would be enough with a notice "this version is not optimized for your screen, please use the mobile version".

However, if after testing the percentage is over 10% (5 if you're over zealous) then yes, you must test it out

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