I'm writing a GUI in MATLAB which allows users to designs pulses. The pulses are optimized based on their class (AM/FM). If the pulses are FM, then they belong to a subclass (RapidPassage or Adiabatic). The simulation/optmization method of the pulse is based on the pulse name and class.

I'm having a design issue. Currently, I'm using a popupmenu in Matlab to select each of the inputs (pulse name, subclass, simulation method) seperately. enter image description here

however, I have recently discovered a cheat way to add a dropdown menu with submenus using a contextmenu linked to a button. This makes the selection much more 'logically' visible, but it might make it more annoying to use in practice.

enter image description here

because in the second version, each menu item is it's own object, this will require a rewrite of the code I currently have for the popupmenu pulse selection method.

Any advice about which is the better option?

Thanks for your help :)

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    This looks like it requires specialist domain knowledge to answer. You're asking something that may mean two entirely separate things or a very fine distinction for users in your domain. I can only suggest you find some of your target users and ask them. – Andrew Martin Oct 16 '17 at 7:47

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