I'm working on an undo chain in my project. I want to avoid undoing individual letters, but instead undo chunks of text. Therefore, I'm working with a debounce.

Is there a standard waiting time or a best practice to follow? I see that browsers and Word all work approximately the same, so I thought there might be a standard way of doing this.

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I'm not sure of any standards for this, but I'd start with creating undo "frames" after a .4 or .5 second pause, see how it feels and what your users think of it, then tweak from there.

Additionally, I might cap it at a certain number of words (perhaps 6 or 8). If a user is a very fast typist, and is consistently outpacing whatever debounce you pick, they should still be able to benefit from your undo feature—it just might not be as finely-tuned to match their behavior.

Obviously this needs to be accompanied by a "redo" ability.

  • Hmm, capping the number of words is definitely a good idea! Thanks Oct 16, 2017 at 7:26

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