Could someone please tell me the name of this "up left arrow" icon used in Google / Chrome mobile search bar list? (Icon highlighted in image) I looked around but couldn't find any info.

Also, does it have a specific meaning and usage?

Thank you

enter image description here


Google search (heheh) with "diagonal arrow search results" yield results such as Quick Tip: Long Press Google Search Suggestions To Pop Them Into The Search Bar. From the site:

Remember that little diagonal arrow that used to appear next to suggestions in the Google Search box as you typed? The arrows could be used to insert suggestions into the search bar, while you kept typing away.

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  • Ha, thanks - I was Googling for the icon itself. I guess there is no name for it? Material Design doesn't have it listed. The arrow still shows up for me as default on the Google search app, as well as Chrome, Google Earth app, and Youtube app. So I wonder if they went back to it. But are they are now trying to phase it out? There are no arrow icons in search list for Play Store app, and Ebay app thank you – J Couch Oct 11 '17 at 16:41

As above the icon is used add the suggestion into your current search so that you can carry on typing, clicking the word would just search for the suggestion.

Google are still using the icon in Oreo and the latest Pixel launcher/feed so I can't see them phasing it out. The icon isn't in the Material icon pack but is the same as the call made and call received icons, they just need to be rotated to point in the correct direction.


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