I've a design which I need to create a first time user experiance on creating an application.

enter image description here

The Floating Action Button needs to get highlighted on the very first time a user gets logged into the system. What is the recommended way in material design to do such a thing?


You can draw more attention to creating a first application if you make more use of your empty states. Rather than leaving users on a screen saying they haven't done something yet, you should instead encourage them to do something. To do this, consider adding more enticing copy and connect your 'getting started' button to this copy.

material design quick start

Here you see both a reason to start (if you add a report you can analyse) and the button is highlighted.

enter image description here

With some layout altering, you can also add the button to a structural element within a sheet to get the copy and action button closer together for better coherence.

More here: https://material.io/guidelines/components/buttons-floating-action-button.html#buttons-floating-action-button-large-screens

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