I am stuck at the point where I have to show the performance of Events (Call, SMS, Internet, and Reg.) v/s Time(ms).

Values can be good bad or medium.

Here is the older graph which I have to revamp: enter image description here As you see they have used this graph. On hover of each dot, details appear.

My options: Option 1 enter image description here

Option 2: enter image description here

Option 3: enter image description here

Option 4 enter image description here

Graphs are based on HighCharts.

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First ask: What is the story you want the data to tell?

If you're asking:

  • out of the total events that occurred, what is the ratio of good, bad and medium for each time slice?

If that is the question, option 2 is going to give you the clearest picture so far. You see the sum totals in each time slice.

BTW: What does 'Good, bad and medium' mean? How is it quantified?

First, clarify your question: that will get you further towards choosing the correct visualization.

A thought about the time (x-axis) and direction:

In most data visualizations, time moves from left to right, past to present.

Here, it looks like you have the opposite: my eyes kept looking for the trend from left to right.

Are you doing this because you have the 'Now' section next to the labels for quick reading?

Consider making the time (x-axis) read left to right, with 'Now' on the right

The majority of performance charts showing trend over time will move from left to right:

enter image description here

enter image description here

And watch the direction on highcharts for their dynamically refreshing time series:

enter image description here

Again, the present is on the right.

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