Is there a universal standard for prompts that will be on a report?

For example if the user had to make a decision if they want to have the account numbers to show up on a report should it say:

Option 1: Display Account Numbers Option 2: Show Account Numbers Option 3: Print Account Numbers

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    Alternatively, you could say "Include account numbers" since the account numbers will be included as part of the report. Sep 15 '17 at 17:37

Show seems easiest, as its common opposite is Hide; both are common words.

(where I've worked in the past with UX writers, we've been encouraged to use 'show / hide')

Display has other meanings, as in a 'display'.

Print is the format of the overall report (as in paper output; 'a printout'), regardless of the content that's shown or hidden. Print is also an action, but it sounds like your case is a configuration choice before printing.

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