I'm working on a PWA website. I'm currently working on the mobile version. And as expected in PWA, I try to be as native as possible so I plan to use a back button on the top left of the screen whenever I go a level deeper.

But as it's still web and people can land on a product page directly from google, I feel like I should add the website's logo next to the back arrow.

And that's where it feels weird. We don't see that kind of thing in native apps so I'm wondering i that's a good idea. What about the homepage? The logo should have the same position on all pages but I can't leave a gap on homepage since there is no back arrow.

What do you guys think? Whould it feel weird the have the logo next to the back arrow? I'm not using a burger menu.

Edit: Flipkart does that in their product page for instance.

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I would say yes, a logo next to an arrow is confusing. It would lead to the impression that it directs to an external website of sorts, not a homepage. Have you considered accompanying the back button with a label indicating where it will lead?

For example: landing on a product page. You can show a back button with the label: "to overview" or if there is no product overview page, simply "to homepage". I'd refrain from using the word 'back to' because as you said, you might enter through a search engine and this would be a bad descriptor.

  • Actually, there is the title of the page in the middle. I don't think I'll have enought place to add "to homepage" or "to categories". What do you think of Flipkart exemple tat I've added in the main post?
    – Tom
    Commented Sep 15, 2017 at 12:49

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