Today someone replied to a thread in Slack, but I was not focused on that particular channel, so Slack attracted my attention to the "All Threads" page on the sidebar.

To my surprise, when I opened that page, the thread my colleague had replied to appeared not at the bottom of the window, but at the top.

I was surprised because with all other Slack conversations (and most chat apps I use) all the recent action happens at the bottom.

(Additionally it looks like the reply text box might change position a little, depending on the length of the thread.)

So, why did they do it this way, instead of arranging the thread cards from top to bottom?

enter image description here


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Because it is not a chat, it is a feed with the messages. And in feeds, because of the actuality, the newest messages are at the top.

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    The main window shows newest things at the bottom whereas the threads panel shows newest at the top. Whatever "the actuality"(?) is, it's horribly inconsistent and seems designed to confuse.
    – Denis Howe
    Commented Oct 21, 2019 at 11:05

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