Imagine you have a text of characteristic/description about you. But this text is truthful to some extent (from 0 to 100%).

What is the best UI/UX way for a mobile user to rate this truthfulness?

The scale doesn't have to be very precise (like 0%, 1%, 2%... 99%, 100%). 3 or 4 truth-levels would be enough. It can be a verbal+graphic (not true... fantastically true) or rating using some emoji-like symbols.

Any ideas are welcome, please help! Thanks

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Don't get into specifics here. The idea is

Show amount/level/percentage

The labels or milestones may be specific like 30% or 4/10 or Right or non-precise like Not much, Almost there or Pretty much the truth

The visual representation would, however, be somewhat like in the so :-

Visual representation of completion percentage Mobile UI example Mobile UI precise example

Try Pintrest for more examples like these

  • I am so confused by that last example.
    – Rotem
    Oct 29, 2017 at 15:53

I would strongly recommend adapting a Likert-like scale, replacing if you must the idea of agree/disagree with true/untrue. This is a well-proven format most users will recognize intuitively. It also allows for compact/inline controls if you're goal is to increase density without loss of clarity; chunkier representations may be pretty, but they aren't strictly necessary.

More than anything, though, it removes the arbitrary and cumbersome attachment to numerical representation. If "somewhat true" maps to 75% under the hood, that's up to you, but users are frequently more hurt than helped by numbers for non-quantifiable terms, so getting them out of sight should improve both consistency and willingness of participation.

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