I'm applying for a UI/UX position at a company that makes software for landlords, apartments, property managers, etc. After the interview the hiring manager gave me a project to work on. These are the instructions:

As an exercise I would like for you to create an updated look and feel of this properties website. The only requirements are for you to keep their existing logo. But feel free to change up the layout structure along with typography, color scheme etc. If you can work on the landing / home page design and integrate this page using bootstrap to create the HTML / CSS and email me the jpg and your HTML / CSS files.

This is the jpeg she attached.

This what I have so far.

I'm about 90% done.

What specific things could I improve to make the UI/UX better? I'm asking as a self taught coder who focuses more on the development side than the design side of things.

Is it normal to be given a project as a part of the interview process? Would you consider that to be free work?

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  • They are hiring for a UI/UX position, but also asking you to do the development? – Midas Aug 14 '17 at 13:33

Is this normal where you come from? If someone would ask me to do free-work just to see if i fit i would friendly decline, just my 2 cents.

Regarding your redesign: The original not only looks better, but also has better UX.

What you can improve: • don't use a side navigation for a website like this • read about reading patterns, your website is not following the common reading patterns which make information gathering harder • the overall look and feel of your redesign is to dark, bright colors will fit better when it comes to a company dealing with properties • think about what you want the user do do, do you want him to call? write an email? Introduce call-to-actions that guide the users through

  • Wow I genuinely appreciate your honesty, but it's a little demoralizing. I'm feeling a little in over my head. As i mentioned above I have not formally studied deign. I'm guessing I should just start over from scratch. – tyl-er Aug 14 '17 at 11:56
  • Focus on things the current design is not doing good and improve these things. Since she wants you to focus on look & feel i think you can get bonus points if you also point out a few UX flaws the current design has. Get inspired, check dribbble for example, awesome stuff there. The current design looks like from 2000. Don't get demotivated, you can do this! – Pectoralis Major Aug 14 '17 at 12:05

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