I have a datagrid that shows realtime data. How ever, Users should select to see if they want 'Last 5 minutes' data or 'Real time' Data. I did this using radio buttons, however it doesn't fit and is not working.

enter image description here

What can i make it to do this better or minimalistic ?


If you use a dropdown, you'll save space. Be aware that there are some tradeoffs.

enter image description here


  • saves space
  • allows for additional choices (if extra ranges are added in the future)
  • allows for longer label (since only one is shown at a time)


  • only one choice shown at a time
  • discoverability of the control

Because you can only see one choice, you could experiment by adding some graphic distinction to indicate interactivity. One way is to add a border. You can also experiment with color as well.

enter image description here


If choices fit into the space, use segmented controls: enter image description here

If choices are more than the space allows, or more than 5, use drop down.

Segmented controls do not hide the filter options behind a click, all options are visible in the interface. However, as the number of options increase it starts becoming visually busy and hard to read, opt for the dropdown.

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