There is the User Persona and Empathy Mapping which presents information about the users in a simple way. But are there any other templates?

I am looking for ways to present user information to Non-UX people.


You may want to present various aspects of your user research. Let's say you have data about the people and data about the tasks.

Data about people

NNgroup customer journey map (from nngroup When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps)

A customer journey map will put the context in which your app will be used. Airbnb apparently uses a very well designed one in order to make everyone in the company feel involved (uxpodcast episode 162).

You can present it in a more simpler format like a Customer touchpoints.

Data about tasks

enter image description here

(from the ICS group)

You may have ended it up with a lot of "steps" that a user follows in order to accomplish a given task. The best way to represent such goals for users is to use Task Modeling as it is visual, yet concise and detailed. It helps communicating on how the users are performing their tasks and in what sequence. I strongly recommend following a HAMSTERS notation (like in the illustration) since it provides a clearer symbology imo.

I want to represent both

Value Proposition Canvas

(from uxdesign.cc)

Sometimes, you do need a very concise way to represent your whole research. You may want to consider a Value Proposition Canvas. It is a great tool for provoking user research by the way.

Finally, let's not forget about the classical scenarios in which you can describe high level tasks and provide user insights along.

I often refer to the UX Design Methods & Deliverables for a curated list of deliverables and Methods from usablilty.gov for grouped methods and their description.


I'd also recommend Customer Journey Maps: Example of a Customer Journey Map

Some articles as well:

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