I'm building a site full of case studies and I want the ability to show UI animations of how the user interacts with the interface. My app is a browser based app.

Some simple things I'd like to show:

  • a user collapsing and expanding the left panel sections
  • a user interacting with the file preview (zooming, dragging)

What method do people usually use for this? Do they just record with a screen recording app and then input the video into their site, or do they use a prototyping app and record from there? I am new to showcasing through video and animation so any thoughts would be appreciated.

enter image description here

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Selecting application for showing user interactions, depends on the number of interactions you wish to show at a time, and whether or not to use audio with demonstrations.

If the interactions are too small like just expanding and collapsing panels, you can create a GIF. If interactions are too large a screen recording app is best suited for which there are many extensions available in chrome, mozilla firefox. https://www.useloom.com/. If you wish to create a customized video there are apps like CanvasFlip. Also, you can find similar apps at https://medium.com/@CanvasFlip/prototyping-tools-to-record-your-mobile-app-web-prototypes-da7579a0d157


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