I have a report which has: Product Name, Start Time, End Time.

Amazon DynamoDB 7/1/14 0:00  7/1/14 1:00
Amazon DynamoDB 7/1/14 1:00  7/1/14 2:00
Amazon DynamoDB 7/1/14 4:00  7/1/14 5:00
Amazon DynamoDB 7/1/14 5:00  7/1/14 6:00
Amazon DynamoDB 7/1/14 6:00  7/1/14 7:00
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud    7/1/14 2:00  7/1/14 3:00
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud    7/1/14 3:00  7/1/14 4:00
AWS Data Pipeline   7/1/14 7:00  7/1/14 8:00
AWS Data Pipeline   7/1/14 8:00  7/1/14 9:00

I am brainstorming what's the way to visualize a product's usage i.e. which product is mostly used at a particular time. I tried using PowerBi, Tableau and Quicksight.

  • are you trying to visualize start and end times in a unit of a day? Are they used for comparison in a sort of schedule? What's the most granular unit to visualize, an hour?
    – Mike M
    Jul 27, 2017 at 18:08

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If you're viewing usage by a unit of a day

You can try using a binary heatmap with the hours on the x axis, product labels on the left (instead of the days of the week).

Here's an example from d3.js:

enter image description here

Seems like you're not measuring intensity, just usage or null.

You can just use one color to represent usage. The white areas will allow easy contrast for not in use.

You can add a date picker with < > arrows for quick scroll to the next or previous day.

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