Users are trained on our call-center software. The opening page is a list 200+ clients (buttons) from which they will pick a given client. We already have a search/filter - as soon as you start typing, the matches appear, then narrow down as you add more letters.

We want to add a Recent/Frequent section, so that their common clients are right there for them. I've read this question but want further clarification:

When showing a list of files, is there a preference between 'Recently Used' and 'Frequently Used'?

We are storing this using local storage.

I had started down the down of frequently used, but my boss pointed out that I have to store every client, and each one has to have a counter to keep track of frequency. His suggestion is to make it just like a cache - last-used item gets moved to top. (it's moved, not just added, therefore it never appears twice).

Need some guidance as to which is better for our purposes, and why.

  • Why store every client? Just store the ID of the ones they access and increment a counter on that to get a rank for the week / month / quarter. Commented Jul 4, 2017 at 23:37

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It seems to me that storing every client wouldn't be a problem at all (since it's just in the hundreds), especially if some kind of short ID was used, but you wouldn't have to store every client- just as each one was used. If I only ever picked 10 clients from the home page, I would only need to have those 10 in my client ID -> count map in my local storage.

I would offer all 4 options:

  • Search for client using AJAX-style autocomplete/filtering as you mention
  • Top N recently used
  • Top N frequently used
  • Browse, with different sort options (alphabetically, date of last contact, ... other sortable fields)

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