How would you present a list of blog entries with small word count from 50 to 100 words? So that you have a list of clickable links of titles that takes you to that blog entry with small word count?

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    How are you displaying it at the moment? What is wrong with the way you are doing it? It's hard to provide you with a solution if you've not really stated what the problem that you currently have is. – JonW Jun 30 '17 at 11:31
  • If all the entries are 50-100 words, I don't think I'd want clickable links to take me to each one, I'd probably prefer to just read them "in-page" in a stream, rather like the comments on Stack Exchange sites. If some of the entries go above a certain threshold (e.g. 120 words), then you could show the first 100 words with a "Read more" style link (that either expanded in-page or displayed the full entry in another page). (For context, you question is about 40 words; this comment about 90 words). – TripeHound Jun 30 '17 at 13:38

Like @JonW mentioned, I can't say whether your current approach is in fact incorrect. But if you're starting from scratch then take the Stack Exchange approach.

  • Make headers/title mandatory for each blog post and have a word limit for it
  • If not, select a word limit that fits the list view of the blog. Use ellipses to block out the overflowing elements

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