I've been asked to come up with an interaction for a page where a 'space' can be created.

The space will have a name, image etc and an admin can assign users or groups of users to the space.

I see 'user'/'groups of users' as the same thing: they are just another object to be added to the space.

Now, the question: what's the best way to add these entities? I see it as being a bit like the WordPress 'Add tag' pattern but I've just realised this may make managing long lists difficult.

enter image description here

Anyone got any good patterns?


With regards to managing long lists with Wordpress-style Tags, the ... and x more method is worth considering. Have the list expand when you click the text, and ensure you display the hand cursor on hover.

Tag method with 'more' text

However, on a couple of projects I've worked on, the Google Docs Sharing Settings method has been very effective:

Google Docs Sharing Settings

This window is displayed when pressing the Share button at the top of the page, but in your case Manage Users would be suitable.

Displaying it modally in a window provides some benefits displaying Tags alongside your other data:

  • Reduces clutter in your interface.
  • More room to display information about users/groups.
  • Can show the users/groups as a scrollable list.
  • Give you space for expansion in the future.

If your users need regular access to the users list, hiding the users in a window isn't ideal. But you could incorporate the Google Docs method into the page rather than putting it in a window.

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