What is the UX advantage that Google Chrome adds by enabling two click process to Clear Download.

enter image description here

They have this step to follow:

  1. Click on 3 dots
  2. Select Clear Download Button

Hence two clicks.

Instead they could have also added simple two buttons like

  • 3: Clear Download,
  • 4: Open Download Folder

But this isn't the case, so I'm wondering why this decision has been made. If they would have done this, then it would obviously shorten the operating time by 1 Click!

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When elements are placed inside a context menu, there are certain factors to be considered here like:

  1. Less real estate: The options might not fit the screen. This has to be considered for all device sizes. Is there enough space for a responsive layout
  2. Lesser need: Do these options really warrant a place on the screen or header bar. If a particular action is less frequent to happen or is less important it is usually put under a context menu
  3. Maintain uniformity: for example if Edit, Delete options placed under context menus through out the application; then user will always look for options under the context menu. Here uniform behaviour is a plus point even if the number of click is increased

So taking into consideration above points, Context menu on Download window of Google chrome makes more sense

Additionally a important thing: Number of clicks are less important than user expectation. If user expect a certain action to happen in 3 clicks, then 3 clicks are optimal. It is not a good approach to just eliminate number of clicks just for the sake of it. You can find more details about this point on following link How important is it to eliminate clicks?

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