When reading a blog read I saw a section at the bottom with this title:

Related Posts (Automatically Generated)

I've also seen files with a header with something similar to denote that the content of the file was generated and it shouldn't be edited directly.

Is there a way to show this note more eloquently or maybe a universal symbol for generated content?

  • Does that (Automatically Generated) mean that the system is automatically picking related posts to display?
    – Dipak
    May 16, 2017 at 6:27

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The most eloquent and efficient way to say it, is not to say it all

What exactly is the point of communicating this information? I suggest you're overcomplicating matters, and certainly don't think using a novel icon is going to add value to the experience.

A great deal of the content we see online is automatically, or algorithmically curated. If it was really necessary to communicate this fact, we'd have seen language and icons emerge as a solution for doing it, but we don't have these.

The time to communicate anything along these lines is when the content is personalized to an individual. In that case, it's appropriate to say something like "Based on your reading history".

Otherwise, I recommend not communicating the point at all.

  • Agreed. Does anyone actually think those related posts are hand-curated? Jun 16, 2017 at 16:36

May be an icon of a bot face towards the top right corner of the post or at the bottom of the page.

something like this?


I would use the magic wand symbol to denote:

Generated Magically

magic wand

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