I am a developer in an upcoming Social Media App project, and within my application, I have incorporated a points and reward system to increase user retention and engagement. I'm stuck between these terms to define an "Achievement" or "Reaching a Goal" within the app. These items are awarded and kept by the user, and they can can share and view them any time:

  • Achievement
  • Medal
  • Badge
  • Trophy

Psychologically, which do you feel gives off a larger reward satisfaction, a greater sense of accomplishment, in your own opinion? :)

Thanks, excited to hear your thoughts!


IMHO, the concept of gamification is closely tied with the concept of relative difference.

When I say "I have 100 medals", out-of-context it means nothing. But when I say "I have 100 medals while my friend just has 10" well that changes the whole concept.

There are leaderboards for a reason. You always want to keep competing for the top position and share it on social media to brag about it.

Out of the options you listed, Achievements as such is intangible and should be avoided. Badges and Medals are found in abundance in real world and we connect them with multiple numbers instantly while Trophies seems more exclusive.

I hope I was of help!

  • Thats an excellent point you made there, very in-depth. I'll keep all that in mind! Thank you :)
    – Sean
    May 15 '17 at 19:49

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