I'm designing a quizz with jQuery. It has 4 counters: "correct answer", "wrong answer", "timer" and "score". Each counter has a little icon describing the counter.

I have found good jQuery UI icons for all counters except "score". Any suggestions?

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A few ideas: a paper clipboard image (associated with someone writing down the score), a flip-over scoreboard, an abstract star/hexagon/shield, or a domain-specific reward (coin, treasure, heart, flower, horseshoe, etc.).

  • I went for the jQuery UI icon-ui-clipboard. Thanks a bunch! – Randomblue Sep 3 '11 at 13:39

This one enter image description here


I'd consider using some kind of a star, maybe an 8+ point star so that it doesn't look like a some kind of a bonus counter.

enter image description here

I've also often seen coins and diamonds or some objects thematically related to the game used as score icons but that may not be possible in your case.


How about a tally score type icon:
enter image description here

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