In regards to researching, I have come across something a bit tricky (as in, I'm not satisfied with the research I have found).

I'm talking about sites and apps that specialise in storage and uploading. Think of your Dropboxes, Box.com, Google Drive and even the cloud drives out there. I cannot seem to find any reports into user findings or any best practices. All I got is opinionated blogs and Pinterest boards!

No doubt I am missing a great source out there. If there is any recommendations on where to look, that would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Dan

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    Possible for you to share your findings?
    – Dipak
    Commented May 8, 2017 at 12:28

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Most companies like that likely do not share their user research and keep it internal for a competitive advantage. If you have any particular questions about storage and uploading best practices, you should be able to search the academic literature.

For example, if you are curious about public attitudes towards privacy as it relates to cloud storage, here's an ACM paper discussing it. Just use Google Scholar to find the particular topic you're wondering about.

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