How do you refer to "the user" in your wireframe notes and specs? Do you write it as: "I start typing", or "the user starts typing"? What format do you use? Also, does anybody have any examples from tech companies, like Google, Amazon, Apple... Curious what format they use.


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When talking about user stories I use an "as a user, I want to..." format to really get inside of the user's way of thinking.

When talking about user scenarios I use a third person format like "Gary is 34 years old. As a user, he wants to..."

General format

I always start with creating personas based on user research I did to really get to know your users. A persona contains a name, age, sex, occupation, hobbies and dreams or vision.

After that I make a list of user stories based on user research and client/application goals for the application. This is also a nice way to check at the end of your progress if you have everything you set out for at the beginning of your progress.

When you have a persona and a list of user stories, I create a user scenario. This is like telling a story about your persona and how he or she completes a user story. Be specific. Think about where the persona is, not just what's on the screen. UX is about a lot more than just what's on your screen.

There are a lot of great articles about user stories and scenarios. Here are a few I found online.

How to Tell the User’s Story

A step by step guide to scenario mapping

How to Perfect Your UX with Persona Scenarios

  • What about in your wireframe notes? What format do you use?
    – janeh
    May 3, 2017 at 15:52
  • @janehouse In wireframe notes I use 'the user...' as format. May 3, 2017 at 15:55

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