Is there any advantage in using one against the other. Material design guidelines have used Alpha values to signify contrast for fonts. I could not really find a reason for doing so(as compared to using absolute colour values).

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When using an alpha value, the color you see depends on the color in the layer below the color with alpha value.

See the example below.

When using a black (#000000) with 50 alpha on a white background you will get the 'actual color code' #7F7F7F, but when you but a blue color behind it, it will influence the actual color code of the #000000 with 50 alpha. In that case it is #277160.

Developers (the ones I've worked with) prefer actual color codes because of this.

enter image description here


The Material design guidelines use opacity for readability and accessibility reasons. The example they use on https://material.io/guidelines/style/color.html#color-usability demonstrates the issue:

Using opacity instead of shifting colors often creates better contrast and relative luminance.

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