I'd like to read some resources on VR. Interests include:

  • Major 'no-nos' for immersive experiences;
  • Design patterns for VR
  • Case studies of VR products
  • Hidden difficulties with the practicality of creating VR experiences (e.g. moving from 2D assets to 3D)
  • How to user test an immersive product
  • Usability heuristics for 3D
  • Relevant materials from 3D game design
  • Where to find academic research or university project writeups
  • Openly available VR products to use as benchmarks
  • 3D space design guidelines in general

VR is pretty cutting edge, so imagine most of the resources are quite piecemeal, or hidden behind paywalls. That's okay! I'm a patient reader. I'd just like to know if others have discovered anything interesting.

  • Here's one of the best collection of VR learning resources I stumbled across. uxofvr.com It has links to articles, videos, books and slides too. In particular, I would highly recommend watching Mike Alger's videos. Its concise, very insightful and has some of the best content for VR design. Hope it helps!
    – Utsav Shah
    Apr 19, 2017 at 3:56

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I've tried to make this list as non-platform-specific as possible. Keep in mind that any of these links may have a degree of bias towards certain VR headsets, 3D engines, or techniques.


Some thorough guidelines that I can think of right now are:

Other than that, there are lots of articles, videos, and other bite-sized resources online—a good repository of those is at uxofvr.com, as recommended by Utsav above.

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