I design application for Windows tablet (touch interactions). The application can be also installed on a desktop or laptop.

I need to decide if we should support keyboard as input. The flow in the application is linear and it's mostly about through defined number of steps.

My first thought: Next / back buttons supported with keys "<-" and "->", closing a popup window with a key "esc". Any thoughts on that?

Do you know if there are any standards that I could use? Any standard Microsoft documents or maybe some patterns that are used in similar applications?

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I believe that since the app you are designing also works on a desktop or laptop (devices with keyboards as input devices), they provide an experience that a user who connects a keyboard to a touch device also expect to have.

You will also reinforce the experience across devices, regardless of the platform the user is using.


As the app can be used on non-touchscreen computers I would implement it provided that:

  • it does not trigger User errors,
  • including support for that is not a hard task from the development standpoint.

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