I need to provide a means for our marketing team to add/remove/edit an ordered list of short descriptive strings (0 - 8 strings total). The strings are typically less than 50 characters but we need to support up up 100 characters.

Ordered list of 'smallish' strings

My stopgap solution is shown above. This works well enough if they are editing an existing string, removing an existing string (I shift the list 'up' when they enter a blank value) or are adding/removing from the end of the list. However, if they need to insert an item they are forced to manually cut-n-paste existing values. Obviously that is quite clunky. Thankfully they don't do that all that often, so I have some time to build a 'better' solution.

I'm looking for a UI construct or mechanism that I could implement to make managing this ordered list of short strings easier.

Maybe I could just add an 'insert' button? When pressed (and there is room for more strings), I would shift the list 'down' (from whatever item they are currently on) and pre-populate the field with a stock string ("please edit")?

FWIW, this is a C# WinForm application. We have plans to move it to a web application but that won't happen until the end of the year.

  • Try using any one of these wunderlist.com/web or en.todoist.com
    – Dipak
    Apr 10, 2017 at 6:52
  • I think I'm leaning towards adding an 'add' and 'remove' button to the list. In fact, I might remove the static labels "1. 2." and just have 0-8 text boxes with two buttons near by. I need to play around with something once I get a moment.
    – Tony
    Apr 10, 2017 at 11:49

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Not sure what would take more effort for you, but you can either have a button next to all the input fields (except for the last one) and if you click on that then you can add an item which will mean that everything gets shifted down one.

Or you can have a button at the button of the list, click on it and then enter a string and the position you want the string to be entered into, and then move all the other items accordingly.

However, you would also need to provide an undo or cancel operation in case the person makes a mistake, because the cost of rearranging things if inserted into the wrong position is costly and potentially likely to happen.

Hence it is best to use a list control that allows you to simply edit the data as if they are in a table (which will support all these functions), or a list control that lets you move items up or down, or by clicking and dragging.

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