what are some screens on an commerce website where we can inject brand personality, using visuals and copy

e.g. https://www.pinterest.com/angstrm/fun-404-page/ is a typical example

some other places i could come up with

  • empty cart and wishlist
  • pre loader messaging

what other screens would provide a great opportunity for this?

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When it's in line with your brands personality, the right micro copy could delight your user or even alleviate some anxiety.

Here are some situations I could come up with.

  • No results after search
  • After purchasing
  • Email confirmations

A good resource for quirky and fun micro copy is Tiny Words Matter. They're Tumblr blog is not updated regularly anymore I think, but they're active on Twitter.

I do want to warn you about confirm-shaming. You could go overboard with trying to be funny in your micro copy and even offend your visitors.

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