Disabled cookies - is it a viable use case to relate to?

i.e. users reaching a website with disabled cookies, should i tailor a code case for them? Notify them that they cannot use the site w/o cookies enabled? Link to an explanation etc?

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I think it is a matter of gradation:

  • If the functional difference between Users having cookies enabled and those who have them disabled is non-significant, I would only display a message that it is suggested to have cookies enabled.

  • In case there is a significant increase of functionality with cookies enabled, I would additionally give them possibility to access an extended information about it (e.g. what will work and what will not in this case).

  • I would only disallow Users to use the site if using it with cookies disabled would severely affect the site functionality.

However "significant" and "severely" depend are something to approach differently in each case and I believe you need to answer which is which yourself. Or ask your users.

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