I'm working on a Django project with data entry presently handled by the Django admin interface. I intend to provide my own interface as an adaptation of the Django admin interface concept to provide finer-grained control.

Some years ago, it would have been bad UX to ask a nontechnical administrator, "Upload a photograph to the cloud and paste the URL here." Now cloud storage is mainstream and I'd expect more people would make sense of a request to upload to cloud and paste in the image's URL.

Is it appropriate UX-wise, perhaps with explanation, to ask people who want to display images to do so by uploading to a cloud service and providing a cloud-hosted URL?


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    I'm not sure why you have to specify "upload an image and add link here..." Just clearly state: "Link to your image." What might be helpful is showing if the link works immediately by loading a "preview" image right next to the link.
    – UXerUIer
    Mar 17, 2017 at 15:57
  • I'd try and sample your audience, as that's the only way you'll know for sure. Everything else is speculation. Sometimes users are shockingly inexperienced with computers. Mar 17, 2017 at 16:02

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This wholly depends on your intended audience. "Non-technical" is subjective, so it is probably wise to do some level of research on your intended audience before committing to an interface design.

Some thoughts: 1. Add links to the most popular services, for convenience. 2. Think about linking to a short tutorial on how to find the public URL.



Edit: I want to add that the user experience goes both ways. The intended viewer may not be able to view uploaded images. They might have an adblocker enabled, or sit behind a corporate firewall that blocks certain less popular file hosts. Imgur, for example, is blocked on quite a few corporate networks. Of course, user-linked files may also be prone to vulnerabilities or contain exploits. Therefore, it may be wise to limit the domains you accept images from, and for images to be run through a scan before being authorized for public display. A good option is to use the VirusTotal API for scanning the URLs submitted.


You might wanna provide popular cloud platform options and only ask them to choose the one they use and enter a filename. If they don't use any of those popular cloud platforms, ask them to provide a link.

If they choose one of those popular platforms, you will just prepend the filename with a path to the chosen cloud platform's image directory.

You might also want to ping the link and verify that it returns a Content-Type: image/jpg|png|gif, that would be nice for validation.

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