Currently, I'm designing a mobile app -using hybrid platform- for public use, and I'd like to know, which screen size I should use as my standard, so I can give the best user experience for my customer.

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What's your product for? Do you have targeted an audience of users yet? Where do they live, what do they do, how are they interacting with your product?

I wouldn't necessarily decide on this upon "most used screen size".

I personally would think about the product, its placement on the market and my target audience first. Age, country, local internet speeds play a huge role when deciding upon designs especially on mobile.

The best experience does not come from a single most used device or screen size, but rather from an experience that works on any device you're targeting.

  • 'but rather from an experience that works on any device you're targeting.' Very, very, very important.
    – Summer
    Feb 28, 2017 at 16:18

Well, you could see here the 2016 stats for all smart devices: https://deviceatlas.com/blog/most-used-smartphone-screen-resolutions-in-2016

You can see it also by country and choose the exact case you want.

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