I'm working on an application where the user can have different states. Depending on the chosen state, the application would have different functionality. The application allows the user to create different objects that contain data that can get filtered or manipulated in any way.

The states would be to have no conflicts between users whilst working in the same application. They can create more objects or manipulate them as desired whilst no other users will see these changes.

The request is to visualise this throughout the UI, but as I haven't seen this much around it's hard to find examples.

I need to visualise it using the name of the state.

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  • Can you add working ideas to help others visualize what you're trying to do? – Mayo Feb 21 '17 at 13:52

Affinity Designer does that. You can change the state of the application by switching between vector, pixel and export modes.

They use these toggles:

enter image description here

The user knows on which mode he is by seeing tools only available on the mode he selected.

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