Let's say I have a details page that lists various pieces of information taken from a form. This works fine when I have a single attachment (link) per field.

However, let's say the user can attach multiple files for a single field. What is the best way to display this information while maintaining consistency with the rest of the form?

Option 1: List files

Issue: looks bad with multiple labels of varying lengths (which we definitely have on our site)

enter image description here

Option 2: List Under label when multiple links

Issue: inconsistent with other label-fields, which are inline.

enter image description here

Option 3: Inline, separated by commas Issue: hard to read. The file names are important for a user to read (they are named after specific documents)

[No image because I can only post 2 links]

Any advice on which option is the best (or another option) for readability and consistency?


Visually I've seen treatments to align the label and the details separately. For example, left align both columns with some spacing between the two columns:

enter image description here

Or you can right align the label and left align the details:

enter image description here


Alignment problem can be solved by this arrangement of labels and fields. But it takes more space, depends on the size of data to enter, otherwise it is an good option in forms.enter image description here

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