I am designing an interface for a legal document ordering system, and I want to use an icon for the ordering button, but I don't want it to be the standard shopping cart icon, as it's not really an online store with an actual cart. Each time they click this button it processes the purchase/order.

I am also hesitant to use a 'download' icon, because the user needs to understand that by clicking the button they will be charged a fee.

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I would have the icon you use reinforce the messaging on the button. Since you are not adding items to a cart, a shopping cart icon wouldn't make sense.

I would have a button with the text "buy" or "purchase" or "buy and download" to set expectations of what will happen when that button is clicked. You could add a lock icon, a money symbol icon, a download icon or something along those lines. In your case, I would say the button text is more important than the icon you choose.

  • Thank you, that's a really good point! I think I will do that. – designmonster Feb 16 '17 at 23:21

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